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Criminal tax charges can be extremely threatening to you or your business and your financial future. If you are under investigation by tax authorities or suspect you soon will be, it is critical to take swift action. The attorneys at Hanson & Manzo have professional experience defending successful people against state or federal tax cases.

We offer expert representation as well personal attention to your case. We examine and determine the relevant facts, analyze a possible defense strategy, and respond to developments of an ongoing investigation. We understand the IRS process and make every effort to resolve cases favorably at an early stage by presenting factual and legal defenses directed at preventing criminal charges.

The Internal Revenue Service has one of the highest success rates of any federal agency. The most common charges are: allegations of filing false income tax returns, failure to file returns, failure to report all income, falsely overstated deductions, failure to collect or pay employment taxes, conspiracy to obstruct the IRS, making false statements or submitting false documents to the IRS, as well as other tax-related crimes.

When investigation begins, authorities must obtain approval from the IRS and then send the case to federal prosecutors. This procedure gives you and your lawyer a chance to settle your case. At each phase, you have the opportunity to convince the government that their investigation has no grounds or attempt to explain any misconception that has supported government’s case. By doing so, you can reduce the risks of prosecution.

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In both civil and criminal situations, penalties for tax-related charges can be harsh. Quick action in getting legal representation can greatly influence results. Your tax defense attorney can assist you in putting together a detailed and complete plan as soon as you believe criminal investigation is likely. In some situations, even if you or your business is subject to a criminal tax case, cooperation with investigators may yield a positive outcome. Cooperation may enable you to prevent an indictment or other negative consequences. Also, taking steps early on to retain a qualified criminal tax defense attorney may help reduce excessive penalties.

Be aware that comments you make to an IRS agent can be used against you in your criminal case. An experienced and competent criminal tax defense attorney can guide you through which steps to take (or not to take) with tax authorities. Additionally, utilizing the skills of a tax attorney offers an advantage because communications with your tax lawyer, unlike with an accountant, are subject to the attorney-client privilege.

If you have a potential criminal tax matter, contact us. We have the experience and expertise to minimize damages to you or your business.